Taking Action and Responsibility

The National Weight Control Registry reports characteristics of those who have lost at least thirty pounds and maintained the weight loss for at least one year.  One common reported factor of registry members is that success in weight loss was not achieved until they took responsibility for their actions.  This means that they stopped blaming others for their weight problems.  While others may have influenced food choices, no one forced registry members to overeat. Are you ready to take action and change habits to promote a healthier lifestyle?  First of all, take responsibility for past and current choices.  Decide to choose healthier foods and eat smaller amounts.  Keep fresh fruits and vegetables around and you will be more likely to choose them when snacking.  Next, find ways to increase daily physical activity.  Buy a pedometer and wear it.  You can monitor the number of steps you take and challenge yourself to take more steps.  Remember that 10,000 steps equals approximately 4 miles. You are truly the only person who can make these changes.  Try making small changes like cutting back on the amount of oil you use when cooking.  Small changes are not so drastic and easier to maintain.  Remember that you can lose weight and change your habits.  Make up your mind and do it.  Good Luck! Jacinda Roach, PhD, RD, LD